April C Hurdle Photography

April C Hurdle Photography

2017 Information and Pricing

Family Session Packages (for immediate family only; $10/person for extended family sessions)

A ($395): 30 hi-resolution digital files for reprinting

B ($325): 20 hi-resolution digital files for reprinting

C ($250): 10 hi-resolution digital files for reprinting

Newborn Packages

A ($395): 30 hi-resolution digital files for reprinting

B ($325): 20 hi-resolution digital files for reprinting

C (mini session, $200): 1 hour session of baby only, 10 digital files

Baby’s first year package – $750

This package includes the newborn session with 30 high resolution digital files placed on usb drive for reprinting purposes, an 8 inch wooden photoblock, and 3 complimentary mini sessions throughout baby’s first year that includes 7 high resolution digital files on a USB drive from each mini session. The 3 complimentary mini sessions are done at any time throughout baby’s first year and can include a maternity session. The recommended times are 4 months, 8 months, and 1 year.

Individual print pricing

Although you will have the printing rights to all of your digital images and may print however you choose, I do offer individual prints which is perfect for out of town family members. I do believe that prints from a professional lab are of better quality and color matching than any consumer-based lab. You may consider ordering prints from me for large images or wall displays. I also offer some specialty products that you may not find elsewhere.


4×6 $7

5×7 $8

8×10 $10

Wooden mounts


20 cm $65

40 cm $150

60 cm $350

Square (cm)

13×13 $40

20×20 $60

30×30 $100

40×40 $200

60×60 $286


30×23 cm $80

Rectangle (cm)

13×18 $65

20×30 $75

20×40 $150

40×60 $250

2 rectangles hanging together (cm)

15×30 and 20×30 $150

Matboard mounts (ready to be framed)*

11×14 $75

16×20 $100

20×24 $150

20×30 $225

Canvas Gallery Wraps (designed to be hung unframed)*

11×14 $100

16×20 $150

20×24 $200

20×30 $275

*available in an infinite number of sizes; ask me about sizes you do not see here

Proofing Books (spiral bound)

3.5×5 $40

4×6 $50

5×7 and 5×5 $60

10×20 Story Boards $100.00

Accordion Mini Books (wallet or 3×3 size) – $40 (set of 3 identical)

Custom Designed Birth Announcements, Set of 24 with envelopes – $45

Process (How this works)

After you have contacted me and we decide on a session date, I will put you on my calendar. There is no down payment or deposit necessary to hold your spot. The session will be done at the location of your choice. Let me know what you are looking for, and I will give you some ideas. It can be anywhere you want. Sessions will be done no earlier than 2 hours before sunset (this time will vary depending on the time of the year) in order to have the light as perfect as possible for your session. On the day of your session, you will decide which package you want, and your payment is due at this time. After your session, I will review the images and choose the best ones for editing*. A few, ,select images will be chosen for black and white conversion. It should take about 2-3 weeks to put the finishing touches on your images then they will be posted in an online gallery for your approval. They will be available to you for 3 weeks to review. Once you have approved your gallery, I will put the images on a custom-designed USB drive and mail or hand-deliver to you or the images may be delivered via Dropbox. Please, please, please, back up your images to another location since I do not keep the images forever. For printing your images, I recommend for the most professional-looking, affordable prints. I do not recommend that you use local stores to print your images because their printers are not calibrated which means the colors of your prints will not match the digital file.

*Editing – During editing, I will review all of the pictures I take at your session and will choose the ones I feel have the best combination of both technical and artistic qualities. Please keep in mind that editing is the most time-consuming part of the entire process, but it is necessary to provide you with the best possible photos.

A Word about Cropping

Images come out of my camera in a 2:3 ratio. If you print your image in any multiple of that (4×6, 8×12, 16×24, etc), you will not lose any of the image when printed. If you print in any ratio other than 2:3, some of your image will be cropped out. Please ask me if you have any doubt about this when printing large/expensive prints.

What to Wear

This is big, huge! What you wear is just as important as the location you choose. It would be ideal if you would discuss with me (or even send pictures to me) what you are planning to wear before your session. I am happy to help you coordinate the wardrobe choices. Please visit this website to read an excellent article on what to wear: