Peyton and Easton, 14 days | Memphis Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer in Memphis, I was so very excited to have the opportunity to photograph twins. It isn’t very often that it happens as a newborn photographer, but it is such an honor when a family allows me to photograph their twin newborns.
I had a vision for this twin newborn photography session, and their mommy was fine with letting me go with it! She said that Easton was usually the fussy one but he sure wasn’t for me. Peyton made the most noise, but even then, it wasn’t very much. That’s the great thing about photographing twins………..they usually sleep so well! Their mommy said they have been sleeping well for her at home too! I hope that continues for them!
I really enjoyed this session also because my friend Courtney helped with the session with posing the babies and getting them in just the right positions. I know I could not have done it without her help! We both decided that we wished we could do all of our newborn sessions together because we enjoyed the company and the encouragement throughout the session.
Here is a sneak into what all we did with Peyton and Easton. Thanks, Jennifer, for letting me snuggle them for a bit!

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