April C Hurdle Photography
I became interested in photography after the birth of my first child and quickly came to love it. It's the mix of both artistic and technical qualities that make photography appeal to me. Over the years I have learned so much and am still learning with every session I do.
I am a natural light, on location photographer in the Mid-South, specializing in babies, children, graduates, and families. I also work alongside another local photographer as a second shooter at weddings.
I love capturing the moments of this life that make each person and family unique. My goal for each session is to create images that bring about emotion and to create lasting memories. If you like the images you see here and are interested in booking a session, please contact me for more information at achurdlephotography@yahoo.com.

Jaxon | Memphis, Collierville, Germantown Newborn Photographer

It is so fun being a newborn photographer because I get to meet so many first-time parents. Jaxon’s mom and dad were so sweet and they just happen to be related to a previous newborn client of mine. Jaxon is a cousin to John Henry, who I photographed just a few weeks before Jaxon. Jaxon and John Henry’s mommies are sisters. So it was neat working with both families.
Jaxon came to his newborn session very relaxed and sleepy and ready to take pictures! I could not have asked for a better session. Here are a few of my favorites. And, if there are any Mississippi State fans reading this, look for your colors!

Peyton and Easton, 14 days | Memphis Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer in Memphis, I was so very excited to have the opportunity to photograph twins. It isn’t very often that it happens as a newborn photographer, but it is such an honor when a family allows me to photograph their twin newborns.
I had a vision for this twin newborn photography session, and their mommy was fine with letting me go with it! She said that Easton was usually the fussy one but he sure wasn’t for me. Peyton made the most noise, but even then, it wasn’t very much. That’s the great thing about photographing twins………..they usually sleep so well! Their mommy said they have been sleeping well for her at home too! I hope that continues for them!
I really enjoyed this session also because my friend Courtney helped with the session with posing the babies and getting them in just the right positions. I know I could not have done it without her help! We both decided that we wished we could do all of our newborn sessions together because we enjoyed the company and the encouragement throughout the session.
Here is a sneak into what all we did with Peyton and Easton. Thanks, Jennifer, for letting me snuggle them for a bit!

Emmett, 13 days | Collierville, Memphis, TN Newborn Photographer

Emmett was born early, about 4 weeks, just like his mommy said he would be. She’s had 3 other babies so she knows what she’s talking about plus she is a labor and delivery nurse so it’s her thing! Emmett is also a rainbow baby and a first boy among 5 girls. When his mommy was pregnant, his daddy wouldn’t even entertain the idea of baby boy names because, let’s face it, he had 5 girls already! But his mommy said this one’s different so we need to talk about boy names and sure enough, she was right about that too. Emmett has a lot in common with my youngest baby………he was a big baby (9 lb 2 oz), went to the nicu for 4 days, and has a heart murmur, all things my last baby was too. So when Emmett’s mommy told me that she wasn’t going to be able to do the session, I knew it was because she was stressed to the max and something had to give. I took a few minutes to encourage her to go ahead and come to the session so after she had a minute to breathe and reconsider, she told me that she would be here. And I am so, so glad that she did. It was an absolute pleasure to do Emmett’s newborn photography session and to meet his precious mommy. They were both such a joy to me. Congratulations, Amanda, your boy is a precious gift!

Anniston, cakesmash session | April C Hurdle Photography

Anniston’s mommy and I had been planning her cakesmash session for a while. She was sweet to work around my camera being repaired at Nikon and rescheduled her session so that I could work that out. I ended up having to just buy a new camera because I still don’t have my other one back!
We talked about colors and decorations and I could tell Hali was excited to do the session. I encouraged her to do some non-cake smash pictures so that she would have some traditional portraits of her baby girl at age 1. She brought several outfits but ended up liking one of my knitted rompers so we went with that. And Anniston was so sweet in it!
Then it was time for her cake and her mommy said, “are you ready? because she won’t waste any time once I put her down”. And she was so right! I’ve never seen a baby (besides my own) attack a cake like Anniston did. She’s a teeny little thing and I don’t know where she put all of that cake! Thanks for being such a good cake smasher, baby Anniston! And happy birthday!!!

untitled 2

Maddox, 8 days | Newborn photography

Well, school is about to start back and I’m about to start blogging again. I have had a lull in newborn photography sessions so it has allowed me to get a bit caught up on some things I haven’t normally had time to do. One of those things is blogging. Writing is a great way to clear my mind and it adds a special touch to each session I do. I get to write a few more personal things about each new family I meet.
Maddox was the most recent newborn I had in my studio. And, wait a second, let me just mention my new studio. I am absolutely in love with my studio space. It is in the upstairs of our guest house and is so amazing. Look for a blog post soon just dedicated to it.
Now, back to Mr. Maddox. I am always excited to meet new families, but most of the moms come to the studio a little nervous that their baby is not going to sleep well for his/her session. It’s a perfectly normal feeling. Really, how do these newborns sleep through these sessions when they won’t even sleep at night?????? But, Maddox’s mom…………she was different. She was absolutely the most excited mommy I have ever had. She was just giddy at her session. Of course looking down at that handsome boy probably made her that way, but I could tell that she was looking forward to everything I was going to be doing. She planned ahead and brought a few wraps………..and I must admit, the colors she chose were EXACTLY what I would have chosen myself. So her stuff coordinated great with my stuff. Maddox was so incredibly handsome and he slept like a dream for me. He woke up just a tiny bit toward the end of the session, but I gave him a quick bottle that his mommy brought along and he was right back to sleep. He gave lots of smiles for me too! Here are a few of my favorites from his session. I look forward to watching him grow this year!


Josie Virginia Hurdle

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so I suppose it’s fitting that my first in a while be a personal one.
After Logan was born, I pretty much figured he was my last baby. Jeff and I had always wanted to have three but getting Jeff well became our priority, and our plans for 3 children were no longer our plans anymore. As part of his brain tumor treatment, he was on chemotherapy for a year. His doctor told us that if we wanted more children we would need to plan ahead, so to speak, because of the effects of chemotherapy on fertility but as I already said, we were happy with the 2 healthy ones we already had and we just wanted Jeff well. When we found out that Jeff had responded so well to his treatment and that his tumor was gone, we were given new hope that we would indeed have another child. And in early June, we found out that we would indeed have another child. We were so excited!
I had always said that if we had a third I would not want to find out the gender until the baby was born so that’s what we did. I was completely sure that this baby was another boy because aside from the horrendous pregnancy rash, I felt just like I felt when I was pregnant with Logan. I brought all of Logan’s newborn clothes down from the attic and washed them and had them ready to go. But, a few nights before my induction, I had a dream that I had a beautiful baby girl………and that’s just what happened on February 10, 2015, at 2:19pm. So, here she is, Miss Josie Virginia Hurdle………all 8 lb 15 oz of her!
*Special thanks to Courtney Edwards Photography and Elizabeth Wiggs Photography for capturing these precious mom-baby images.


Clarke, 1 year | Collierville, TN Baby Photographer

Clarke’s one year pictures got delayed a bit due to a nasty stomach virus, but we were only 1 month late getting them done. I’m actually glad we waited because we got to use these awesome daffodils. His mommy had the idea of the hot air balloon which I LOVED. He pulled it off perfectly!

Hudson, 23 days | Collierville, TN Newborn Photographer

When a baby is expected, everyone is waiting for that call to come in. The call that says, “we’re headed to the hospital”. This family got that call………..the call that said, “the baby you’ve been waiting for is here if you can be here tomorrow……….in Texas”. Talk about shoving clothes into suitcases! That’s exactly what happened. Adoption stories are so, so special, and I’m so honored to be a part of this family’s second adoption of a precious baby boy. Congratulations!

Taylor, 3 months | Collierville, TN Baby Photographer, Family Photographer

Taylor is my second cousin, so this was extra special. Unfortunately, she is moving this summer so I won’t get to take her pictures very often. I was so happy we snuck in this 3 month session. She has changed so much in just 3 short months! Love her and her parents!

Connor, 6 months | Collierville, TN Baby Photographer, Family Photographer

I was there when Connor was born which makes it even more fun to see him now at 6 months. He was so happy and gave me lots of smiles. This is such a neat family who I am so glad chose me to photograph this special time.
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