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My one and only boy turned 5 on February 20th. He’s my middle man, my second in charge, my sweetness who loves momma’s kisses but doesn’t want anyone to know. I thought Logan would be our second and last baby so I relished the time with him as an infant. When he was just 5 months old his daddy went to MD Anderson to be treated for an inoperable brain tumor. We didn’t know how many of Logan’s birthdays his daddy would see at the time. We are so thankful there have been 5.
Logan is as sweet and tender as they come, like his daddy. Logan greets his baby sister with a hug and kiss every morning. He gets upset if she doesn’t want to hug him. Logan loves his cuddle time with me at night after I’ve put him in bed. It’s during those few precious minutes that I find out the most about Logan’s day. As a matter of fact, it was during one of those times this week that he told me that he didn’t want anyone to know or see him kissing me. It was the very first time I realized he was growing up.
Logan is like me in that he is of few words and he chooses his words thoughtfully and carefully. He is still very soft spoken, almost a little babyish still. I wish I could put his little voice in a box and listen to it whenever I wanted (mental note to get those videos off my phone).
Logan is just as happy playing alone as he is playing with others. He finds joy in most anything he does. I enjoy watching him figure things out and pretend play when no one is around.
Logan has just recently gotten into building things. He has figured out the whole lego thing and has enjoyed the little lego junior sets. He likes to help daddy put things together that mommy orders online………ooops!
Being a child photographer, I love nothing more than to capture the spirits of my own little ones. Logan did so well for me during our short session………I did, however, let him take a few breaks to watch PJ Masks!
I’m so proud of this boy and I hate to see him grow up. But I do know that he is growing into what will be a fine young man, just like his daddy. <3

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