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Kensington was 8 days old when she came in for her newborn photography session. I first started photographing her family when her brother was still growing in their mommy’s belly. As a newborn photographer, I really enjoy seeing my client families grow!
Her brother, Reece, is now 3. As a matter of fact, he turned 3 on the day she was born so they share the same birthday of February 7. My baby girl Josie has a lot in common with Kensington. Josie also has a February birthday (the 10th) AND has an older brother who also has a February birthday (the 20th). Josie is also 3 years younger than her brother as is Kensington. Kensington’s middle name is Kate which is my 7 year old’s name. Josie and Kensington were both around 9 lbs when they were born, so I am especially fond of chubby babies!
Now, back to Reece. His mommy told me that he had not held Kensington before the newborn session so I was a little nervous about the sibling portion of the session. With toddlers who have just become big brothers or sisters, you have to be sensitive to the fact that they are adjusting too and they may not act like their normal selves when they come for pictures. So, I did what any good mother-come-photographer would do and I bribed him with cupcakes. Worked like a charm! He did every single pose that I asked him to do with no whining or complaining. And as soon as we were done with his poses I let him get up and have his cupcake. Then we did the family poses and after that, more cupcake. Getting him to do his poses was like taking candy from a, well, you know……… was easy!
I really adore kensington’s newborn session and I hope you do too. It is sessions like hers that make it so worth it. Being a baby photographer isn’t always easy, but the hard work generally pays off with images to cherish forever.

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