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Eleanor’s dad called me on the morning of August 26 to let me know that they were being admitted to labor and delivery. I was actually just finishing up a family session so headed home to get my kids settled then back to the hospital. You might think it is awkward for me to first meet a family who is preparing to have a baby, but it really isn’t awkward for me at all. I am there to do a job, to provide a service to them, so that they can just enjoy every minute of this miracle.
Eleanor’s mom had been laboring for the past 2 days so she was already worn out. She had just gotten her epidural when I got there so she was just starting to relax and try to rest a bit. She had a good variety of praise and worship music on her phone and it really set the stage for a peaceful day.
Eleanor’s grandparents all live out of town and they weren’t expecting her to come on this day so they weren’t really prepared to get here. There were lots of phone calls and updates to them, and actually Danielle’s mom was able to get here and visit a bit before it was time for Eleanor to come.
When it came time to begin pushing, Eleanor’s mom asked how long it usually takes and the doctor told her that it can take up to 3 hours or more. If you have never delivered a baby, then you are unaware that mom pushes for 10 seconds 3 times in a row every 2-3 minutes. So that’s really 30 seconds of pushing with about a minute and a half break in between. Imagine doing that for 3 hours! But I could tell Danielle was up for the challenge. She was so excited to meet her baby girl and was prepared to do whatever she needed to do to get her here safely. At one point, I seriously wondered how she was doing it. I have 3 kids of my own and pushed for about an hour and a half with my first. I was literally falling asleep between pushes because I was so exhausted. The 2 hour mark came and went and Danielle kept pushing that baby forward. At any minute, I was prepared to hear her say I just can’t do it anymore or I need a break, but she never did. She never gave up in all those 3 hours. She was so, so, strong.
Dad was strong in his own way, particularly in his faithfulness in the Lord. When Danielle wasn’t pushing, he was whispering into her ear………I don’t know what his words were, but I know he was praying. You can tell this family is a family who looks to the Lord to guide them and to strengthen them, and I believe that’s exactly what He did. Ross prayed continuously throughout the day for his wife and for his daughter, for her safe arrival. When they needed guidance, they prayed. When they needed, strength, they prayed. And when they saw her beautiful face, they prayed in thankfulness.
Ross and Danielle, thank you so much for allowing me to document this day for you!

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