Anniston, cakesmash session | April C Hurdle Photography

Anniston’s mommy and I had been planning her cakesmash session for a while. She was sweet to work around my camera being repaired at Nikon and rescheduled her session so that I could work that out. I ended up having to just buy a new camera because I still don’t have my other one back!
We talked about colors and decorations and I could tell Hali was excited to do the session. I encouraged her to do some non-cake smash pictures so that she would have some traditional portraits of her baby girl at age 1. She brought several outfits but ended up liking one of my knitted rompers so we went with that. And Anniston was so sweet in it!
Then it was time for her cake and her mommy said, “are you ready? because she won’t waste any time once I put her down”. And she was so right! I’ve never seen a baby (besides my own) attack a cake like Anniston did. She’s a teeny little thing and I don’t know where she put all of that cake! Thanks for being such a good cake smasher, baby Anniston! And happy birthday!!!

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