April C Hurdle Photography
I became interested in photography after the birth of my first child and quickly came to love it. It's the mix of both artistic and technical qualities that make photography appeal to me. Over the years I have learned so much and am still learning with every session I do.
I am a natural light, on location photographer in the Mid-South, specializing in babies, children, graduates, and families. I also work alongside another local photographer as a second shooter at weddings.
I love capturing the moments of this life that make each person and family unique. My goal for each session is to create images that bring about emotion and to create lasting memories. If you like the images you see here and are interested in booking a session, please contact me for more information at achurdlephotography@yahoo.com.

Eleanor’s birth | Memphis Birth Photographer

Eleanor’s dad called me on the morning of August 26 to let me know that they were being admitted to labor and delivery. I was actually just finishing up a family session so headed home to get my kids settled then back to the hospital. You might think it is awkward for me to first meet a family who is preparing to have a baby, but it really isn’t awkward for me at all. I am there to do a job, to provide a service to them, so that they can just enjoy every minute of this miracle.
Eleanor’s mom had been laboring for the past 2 days so she was already worn out. She had just gotten her epidural when I got there so she was just starting to relax and try to rest a bit. She had a good variety of praise and worship music on her phone and it really set the stage for a peaceful day.
Eleanor’s grandparents all live out of town and they weren’t expecting her to come on this day so they weren’t really prepared to get here. There were lots of phone calls and updates to them, and actually Danielle’s mom was able to get here and visit a bit before it was time for Eleanor to come.
When it came time to begin pushing, Eleanor’s mom asked how long it usually takes and the doctor told her that it can take up to 3 hours or more. If you have never delivered a baby, then you are unaware that mom pushes for 10 seconds 3 times in a row every 2-3 minutes. So that’s really 30 seconds of pushing with about a minute and a half break in between. Imagine doing that for 3 hours! But I could tell Danielle was up for the challenge. She was so excited to meet her baby girl and was prepared to do whatever she needed to do to get her here safely. At one point, I seriously wondered how she was doing it. I have 3 kids of my own and pushed for about an hour and a half with my first. I was literally falling asleep between pushes because I was so exhausted. The 2 hour mark came and went and Danielle kept pushing that baby forward. At any minute, I was prepared to hear her say I just can’t do it anymore or I need a break, but she never did. She never gave up in all those 3 hours. She was so, so, strong.
Dad was strong in his own way, particularly in his faithfulness in the Lord. When Danielle wasn’t pushing, he was whispering into her ear………I don’t know what his words were, but I know he was praying. You can tell this family is a family who looks to the Lord to guide them and to strengthen them, and I believe that’s exactly what He did. Ross prayed continuously throughout the day for his wife and for his daughter, for her safe arrival. When they needed guidance, they prayed. When they needed, strength, they prayed. And when they saw her beautiful face, they prayed in thankfulness.
Ross and Danielle, thank you so much for allowing me to document this day for you!

Grace | Memphis Collierville Newborn Photographer

Grace was one of my first newborns that did a newborn mini session and I have come to love these types of sessions. A newborn mini session is a good way to just focus on the baby and get some quality images while still watching your budget. A newborn mini session with April C Hurdle Photography is a 1 hour session and includes 10 digital images for you to print in any way you like.
I really enjoyed Grace’s session so much. She was such a dainty little girl and just the best little sleeper. I don’t remember her making a peep the whole time. And the other thing I loved about her session was just how in awe of God’s handy-work her parents were. I could just tell that when they looked at her they were just overcome with joy in how God had blessed them. I could be mistaken but I think they both got a little emotional while they were watching me pose her. I also thought it was extremely sweet that her daddy had picked out the headband he wanted her to wear before they even got to the session. He said he just loved that little pearl.
And just because she has a pet bunny named “Waffles”, we had to put some bunny ears on her!

Cavitt Family | Collierville Memphis Family Photographer

Every once in a while, I gift a session to a family in the Collierville area in an effort to show my gratitude for the support I have received as a family photographer in the Collierville community. I have met so many special families through this journey and have been blessed immensely through these meetings. Jathaniel and his family are extra special since he has been one of the pastors at my church, Collierville UMC, for the past year. It’s funny, but Jathaniel and I both lived in Camden, TN, at one point in our lives though not at the same time. His father was the pastor at the church where I attended as a small child. Jathaniel is being moved along to another Methodist church in the Memphis area so I chose his family for a session as a little thank you for what they have all done during their time at CUMC. I have no doubt that his new church will love him just as we did and that he, with God’s help, will do great things there.
I had no trouble choosing my favorites from this session as there were so many. At one point in the session, I literally had chill bumps because I was so excited about how these images were turning out and also in response to the sheer love that this family obviously has for one another. While I hope the session was a blessing to them, you can be assured that I was blessed even more as I watched them snuggle and laugh together. If you want a tiny glimpse of the love God has for all of humanity, just take a look at the love within the bonds of this family.
Thanks, guys, for a great night!

collierville family photographer

Eldon | Memphis, Collierville Newborn and Baby Photographer

I began my photography journey with Eldon’s family when they did a maternity session with me. Big sister Virginia was a little bit shy during the maternity session……..she didn’t really feel good about looking at the camera or being out of her parents’ arms. So, when they brought Eldon to his newborn session, I was a little nervous about how Virginia would feel that day. I had asked her mom what kinds of treats she likes so I was sure to have some available here in the studio to use as a reward for good posing. But when they arrived, it was like Virginia was a different girl………I think she was just so proud of her little brother that she just couldn’t hide it! She did so well for her part of the session and I was so proud of her.
I was also delighted when Eldon’s mom took off his hat and showed me that beautiful head of hair. I don’t think I have ever photographed a baby with that much hair before! I had a few hats to use during his session, but I really preferred him with no hat.
I chose to select some black & white images for his blog post because I liked them and I don’t normally post many b/w images to social media. But, I wanted to take this opportunity to let potential clients know that b/w images are included in your package at no additional cost to you…….it’s like a little gift to say thank you.
As a newborn photographer, I love giving little gifts to my clients that have been so good to me!

Memphis Collierville Newborn Photographer

Liam | Collierville newborn photographer

Liam’s mom contacted me a few weeks before her due date and I could tell she knew exactly what she was looking for. She told me that this was her last baby and that she wanted “perfection” for his newborn session. Whew! No pressure there! But, I love a good challenge! LOL! Plus, I wanted her to have great quality images for her last newborn, so I was happy to book the newborn session for her. Liam came to the studio with his 2 brothers and I was just in awe of their preciousness. I won’t say it was easy to get the siblings to cooperate but we did get some good shots of all 3 of them together.
Liam was a very sleepy baby. He was a little bit jaundiced which usually makes them sleep even better than normal. And he definitely slept so well for me.
For a portion of Liam’s session, his mom requested that it be light, airy, and fresh. So I posed him on a cream colored blanket and got those sweet sleepy poses. We also incorporated a bit of navy blue. I love how his newborn photography session turned out and I love being a Collierville newborn photographer!

collierville newborn photographer

Dexter | Collierville, Memphis, TN Newborn Photographer

Dexter came for his newborn photography session when he was 7 days old. Typically, I prefer to photograph newborns at 7-10 days so he was just perfect. Dexter had the prettiest skin tone, a great mix of his mom and dad. Dexter came into his session very sleepy and slept for quite a while. He woke up a bit for a feeding then took a little while to go back to sleep. While I was waiting for him to fall asleep, I noticed that his mommy and grandmother took a little nap! My studio is nice and cozy so sometimes the parents sleep as well or better than the babies! Dexter’s session went so well, and I look forward to watching him grow over the next year!

Baby Hannah | Collierville, Memphis, TN newborn photographer

Hannah is the cousin of a newborn I had about a year ago. That’s one fun thing about being a newborn photographer is that sometimes I get the chance to photograph relatives.
Hannah was a tiny little thing, only around 6 lbs. She came to the studio preferring to be wrapped which was no problem because I love photographing wrapped newborns.
Hannah’s daddy was just smitten with her and was so involved with her care. I can just tell that she is going to be a daddy’s girl and like most dads, he will be wrapped around her finger! Hannah’s newborn session was lovely and her parents got a gorgeous gallery to remember these early days. Here are some of my favorites!

Logan, 5 | Memphis Collierville Germantown Child Photographer

My one and only boy turned 5 on February 20th. He’s my middle man, my second in charge, my sweetness who loves momma’s kisses but doesn’t want anyone to know. I thought Logan would be our second and last baby so I relished the time with him as an infant. When he was just 5 months old his daddy went to MD Anderson to be treated for an inoperable brain tumor. We didn’t know how many of Logan’s birthdays his daddy would see at the time. We are so thankful there have been 5.
Logan is as sweet and tender as they come, like his daddy. Logan greets his baby sister with a hug and kiss every morning. He gets upset if she doesn’t want to hug him. Logan loves his cuddle time with me at night after I’ve put him in bed. It’s during those few precious minutes that I find out the most about Logan’s day. As a matter of fact, it was during one of those times this week that he told me that he didn’t want anyone to know or see him kissing me. It was the very first time I realized he was growing up.
Logan is like me in that he is of few words and he chooses his words thoughtfully and carefully. He is still very soft spoken, almost a little babyish still. I wish I could put his little voice in a box and listen to it whenever I wanted (mental note to get those videos off my phone).
Logan is just as happy playing alone as he is playing with others. He finds joy in most anything he does. I enjoy watching him figure things out and pretend play when no one is around.
Logan has just recently gotten into building things. He has figured out the whole lego thing and has enjoyed the little lego junior sets. He likes to help daddy put things together that mommy orders online………ooops!
Being a child photographer, I love nothing more than to capture the spirits of my own little ones. Logan did so well for me during our short session………I did, however, let him take a few breaks to watch PJ Masks!
I’m so proud of this boy and I hate to see him grow up. But I do know that he is growing into what will be a fine young man, just like his daddy. <3

Kensington | Memphis Newborn and Baby Photographer

Kensington was 8 days old when she came in for her newborn photography session. I first started photographing her family when her brother was still growing in their mommy’s belly. As a newborn photographer, I really enjoy seeing my client families grow!
Her brother, Reece, is now 3. As a matter of fact, he turned 3 on the day she was born so they share the same birthday of February 7. My baby girl Josie has a lot in common with Kensington. Josie also has a February birthday (the 10th) AND has an older brother who also has a February birthday (the 20th). Josie is also 3 years younger than her brother as is Kensington. Kensington’s middle name is Kate which is my 7 year old’s name. Josie and Kensington were both around 9 lbs when they were born, so I am especially fond of chubby babies!
Now, back to Reece. His mommy told me that he had not held Kensington before the newborn session so I was a little nervous about the sibling portion of the session. With toddlers who have just become big brothers or sisters, you have to be sensitive to the fact that they are adjusting too and they may not act like their normal selves when they come for pictures. So, I did what any good mother-come-photographer would do and I bribed him with cupcakes. Worked like a charm! He did every single pose that I asked him to do with no whining or complaining. And as soon as we were done with his poses I let him get up and have his cupcake. Then we did the family poses and after that, more cupcake. Getting him to do his poses was like taking candy from a, well, you know………..it was easy!
I really adore kensington’s newborn session and I hope you do too. It is sessions like hers that make it so worth it. Being a baby photographer isn’t always easy, but the hard work generally pays off with images to cherish forever.

Sterling, 1 year | Memphis Collierville Germantown baby photographer

Sterling was in the studio recently for her one year session. Her mom made the sweetest little tutu for her and it coordinated with my birthday hat and banner. Of course mom and I had already planned all of that! Cake smash sessions can be really fun when the baby is really into the cake, and Sterling did not disappoint! She really loved her cake………she loved it so much that she almost forgot to smile for her pictures. She was really serious about eating! But her daddy came along for the session so we made him entertain her a bit and that got some of those cute grins! I really love being a baby photographer in the memphis area and having the opportunity to see these babies grow from their newborn session through the first year. Sterling is one of my One Year Plan babies so we are finished at this point, but I hope mom will keep bringing her back for more milestone sessions!